What Kind of Friend Are You?

1) Are you a worthy friend or just heading up the group?
*Are you fair to your friends?
*Can you be insincere if it helps your role among friends?

2) Do you question what you offer your friends?
*Do you listen ad nauseum to their stories?
*Do your friends sometimes ignore you?

3) Do you give and give without any return?
*Do you get too involved with your friends’ dramas?
*Are you a boring friend?

4) Can you be jealous of a friend’s good fortune?
*Are you looking for friends with bad news?
*Do you like having friends with bleak love lives?

5) Do you blatantly social climb?
*Do you tire of friends who can’t advance your agenda?
*Are you short tempered with sincere friends?

6) Do you  pretend  your friends are special?
*Are you capable of undermining a friend?
*Is it true you can’t be trusted?

7) Do you get your friends invited places?
*Are you the person everyone wants to be with?
*Do people try to win you over?

8) Do you and this friend feel exclusive — no one else counts as much?
*Have you shared experiences with one another?
*Do you view life the same way?

9) Do you sometimes feel you spill too much information?
*Have you ever felt as if you’ve failed this close friend?
*Do you feel your friends are grateful to you?

10) Do you have your friend’s best interests in mind?
*Do you have a high tolerance for your friends’ problems?
*Are you faithful to a fault?

(Answers are: #1 you are a leader, #2 you are a doorman,#3 you are a sacrificer,#4 you are a misery lover, #5 you are a user, #6 you are a frenemy, #7 you are a trophy friend, #8 you are a mirroring friend, #9 you are a sharer, #10 you are an authentic friend)