The role of mothering to daughters is one of the most desired experiences for millions of women across America. But isn’t it time to take a good look at this role—and what a mother is up against with daughters in the 2lst century?

Women’s relationship expert Susan Shapiro Barash says, “Over 80 percent of mothers with daughters wrestle with one issue or another from the time the daughters are in preschool until they are in their mid-thirties and beyond. These mothers yearn for a healthier connection with their daughters at the various stages of their lives.”

In Barash’s latest book, YOU’RE GROUNDED FOREVER… BUT FIRST LET’S GO SHOPPING, she delves into an exploration of the modern mother/daughter bond. She uncovers the reasons why mothers frequently feel they are ‘walking on eggshells’ with their daughters and fail to have authority.

Barash investigates a mother’s disappointment, concern and lack of resolve and provides methods to create a better rapport. Her unique book offers recognition and advice for mothers facing the struggles inherent in the mother/daughter relationship.

Interviews with Susan Shapiro Barash, gender professor at New York’s Marymount Manhattan College, feature lively and thought-provoking discussion of:

  • How daughters today, of any age, are treated differently by their mothers than in the past
  • Why mother/daughter rivalry exists
  • How a mother’s career influences the daughter
  • How celebrity mothers deal with their daughters
  • How daughters of divorce are influenced by their mothers’ experience
  • Why mothers are the models for their daughters in every facet of their lives
  • Why mothers are fearful of ‘rocking the boat’ with their daughters
  • How early on a daughter is influenced by peer pressure and celebrity culture
  • Why the 21st century mother is so invested in her daughter’s life