An eye-opening study of mothers and daughters of all ages, YOU’RE GROUNDED FOREVER… BUT FIRST LET’S GO SHOPPING takes an unprecedented look at motherhood for young, teenage and adult daughters today. It explores the major issues facing mothers with daughters and offers ways to improve matters.

Barash’s meticulous research and guidance includes:

    • Defending our Daughters: Mothers tend to absolve daughters rather than face the problem.
    • Lacking Limits: Mothers report major confusion over who is in charge.
    • Encouraging a Material Life: Mothers admit to communicating through indulgences.
    • Being Critical of your Daughter’s Appearance: Mothers report over emphasizing beauty.
    • Making too Much of Food and Dieting: Mothers and daughters both wrestle with this issue.
    • Romantic Lives: Daughters consider their mothers sexless and clueless.
  • Fostering Independence: Mothers often hold their daughters back even with the best of intentions.

In this breakthrough book interspersed with personal stories of women of all ethnicity, age, and social strata Barash graphically illuminates the complicated world of mothers and daughters: their dreams, realities, and ways to progress.