A fascinating and provocative look at the reasons behind female deception. It reveals how society doles out mixed messages to women, fostering the lies they tell.

Among them:

    • A woman who shoplifts, and has it ‘down to a science’
    • A woman who tells her husband she is working late to be with her lover
    • A woman who lies about her children’s achievements to her friends
    • A woman who pretends her husband is doing well when they are going broke
    • A woman who has covered up her husband’s emotional abuse for years
    • A woman whose secret is her misery in being a stay-at-home mom in suburbia
    • A woman who lies about loving her partner, deciding it’s better to stay than be alone

And many other secrets and deceptions

Honest and even outrageous, Susan Shapiro Barash is fast becoming the author who explores issues that are important to women—issues that they are loath to talk about…until now.