Traditionally, women have broken their marriage vows in silence. But more and more they are opening up about the extramarital affairs that liberated them, reawakened their sexual desire – even saved their marriage.

A Passion for More is the first-person accounts of nearly sixty women who have taken lovers. They range in age from 25 to 65, in background from secretary to physician. Their stories are divided into four groups: Empowering Affairs, Sex-Driven Affairs, Love Affairs, and Self-Esteem Affairs. The book explores why women take lovers, and how they handle two men in their lives – sometimes more. We learn if it’s possible to maintain a longstanding affair and a marriage at the same time, as well as the effect on a couple of “confessing.”

A Passion for More draws the veil from a tradtionally taboo topic, and gives a startling look into the phenomenon of female infidelity.